Artist's Statement:

It is my intention to honor the traditions of ancient cultures by incorporating spiritual symbolism into contemporary art form.

Facing today's rapid changes, media bombardment, internally applied pressures and societal demands, we need calm places to escape to; places that don't demand, places that allow quiet contemplation of who we've been, where we're from...

The designs and images that I create come from a spiritual nostalgia that lives within us all. The Ukiyo-e geishas, the African tribal masks, the Lascaux cave paintings are all reminders that once, low-tech living existed; that once people went to great lengths to surround themselves with beauty and art.

In my view, we all should strive to do that in our own lives: repose, contemplate, use our intellect and imagination to go back to those mystical places we yearn to know about: to grasp, however fleetingly, a sense of connection to that lineage.

- Sheila J. Miller

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